Network Lead Exchange is an online network of businesses organized by Chapters with the intent of promoting new business referrals across the Network to other businesses within their Chapter. Members earn commissions for the referrals they send and gain access to a new source of leads from businesses they know and trust. Chapters, are sold as franchises. Franchise owners can invite other businesses in their area to join their Chapter with one participating business per category (based on product or service designator). Once a new member joins under a specific category, no other businesses that sell the same product or offer the same service can join that specific local Chapter. Each business that joins will set up a profile for their business that details their business category, products and services offered, promotions, and more.

Members will have the opportunity to network with one another and will be able to track referrals sent and received and sales generated. Through the platform, members will exchange ideas, share promotions and events, learn from pros and access a network of service providers that provide specific incentives to all members across Network Lead Exchange.

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